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There's a primal need for all men to meet together, it's a need that most of us ignore or fail to act on. Men need good men in their lives. Otherwise we start to believe that there are no good men, we succumb to the idea that men are not trustworthy... mostly based on our own faulty beliefs about ourselves!

We're planning a special weekend in May that will give you an opportunity to do some inner and outer work. We know that part of our identity in life is formed around the service that we do, as much as it it is formed around the way that we create ourselves in how we choose to be and act.

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So we've arranged to become a part of a growing story, a new chapter that is launching itself in the world. We wanted to get in at the beginning, before it's world famous, so that we can leave our mark on the project!

We also want to blend in time for men to be heard, felt and seen by other incredible men. To be held in an environment that only men can create for each other and to be nourished by loving masculine input.

The story is a brand new retreat centre in the heart of Belgium, The Katalpa Life Center. The story is a vision that a man and a woman had to create a home and a place for people to gather together for the betterment of themselves and others. The part we want to play in the early stages of this creation is to offer our service to the land, to the building, to the growth of this special vision.

We don't know what we are going to be needed for, but we know that we are meant to help! Perhaps we will be moving rubble on the land, chopping wood, repairing a fence or painting. Whatever is needed, we know that we will be at the right place at the right time to provide support!

broederschapWe are also making this weekend be a journey of personal discovery - but we're certain that we will do this joyfully and with as much ease and delight as possible! We're planning time for reflection, for receiving honest feedback, to gather in circle to be witnessed by our brothers and receive some coaching on important topics in our lives. We'll also spend time in celebration, of ourselves, of each other, of life, of manhood!

This is your invitation to join us on this weekend adventure. An opportunity to be a part of this amazing story as it unfolds - to give your love and service for a couple of days to make their vision come to life a little more quickly and easily! It's an opportunity not only to give, but to receive - with the support of like-minded and like-hearted brothers.

So come and be with us, learn with us, grow with us, play with us and serve with us!

Practical Details

This is a men only weekend.

The weekend will be primarily in English, but Roel will be able to translate to Dutch where needed.

We'll spend this weekend at the beautiful Katalpa Life Center in the Ardennes of Belgium.

This is an alcohol free and recreational drug free event.

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On Saturday and Sunday, we'll be having 4 sessions a day:

2 sessions INNER-work: circle work with space to share, to express, to receive, to process, to heal and to celebrate.

2 sessions OUTER-work: were we will be using our hands, outside, working as a group on a project, leaving a mark, giving back to the property.

This weekend is facilitated by Roel Delbon (Dutch) and Dan O'Neil (English). Both expererienced group dynamics facilitators and relationships coaches.


  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner (expect healthy vegetarian food)
  • Coffee - Tea - Water
  • A multi-person room
  • (Hot) Showers
What to bring:
  • (Air)Mattress + Pillow + Sleepingbag
  • Clothes you can wear to do work outside + proper shoes + gloves
  • Rain clothes
  • Blanket
  • Some food/snacks you would like to share with the group.

From Friday May 3th at 19h (7pm) until Sunday May 5th at 17h (5pm). 


275€ (incl vat)

Early Bird Price: 225€ (incl vat) until march 22th

Evenement Informatie

Startdatum vr 03 - mei - 2019 - 19:00
Einddatum zo 05 - mei - 2019 - 17:00
Prijs per persoon €275.00
Locatie Katalpa Life Center
Wij accepteren geen inschrijvingen meer

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